Our Values

We are Proactive

Being proactive means...

...being dynamic, always seeking new answers, and finding cutting edge solutions to our clients' most pressing needs.

We have Integrity

Having integrity means...

...always being professional, honest, and paying attention to detail.

We speak with Candor

Speaking with candor means...

...being honest with each other, even if it means we sometimes disagree.

We are Innovative

Being innovative...

...is the reason why we are in business, and why we believe we set ourselves apart as leaders in our field. We connect the dots others don't always see.

We have Curiosity

Having curiosity means...

...finding out customer and market needs, and how we can deliver timely and cost-effective software solutions while also tightening the connection between financial goals and business performance.

Institutions and Ideas we support
ASPCA - End Animal Cruelty
WWF - World Wildlife Fund
The Humane Society of the United States
Go Paperless