Long-Term Archiving
Archive all of your production data
in a Microsoft® SQL Server® Database.


BRAUMAT™ SQL connects your BRAUMAT™ Process Control System to your Enterprise IT Infrastructure by means of a Gateway Server.  This Server would typically be part of your existing IT infrastructure, allowing the creation of Custom Reports as well as integrating into your existing MIS/MES/ERP.
All the production data already accessible to you in the BRAUMAT™ Process Control System can be saved to a Microsoft® SQL Server® Database. These include:
  • Trends
  • Messages
  • Change Logs
  • Step Protocols (EBR)
  • User-Defined Protocols
BRAUMAT™ SQL allows you not only to read data from your BRAUMAT™ Process Control System, but also write to it. This includes:
  • Add new orders/batches to the Batch Scheduler
  • Write Batch Parameters associated to each batch