PCS-Sim Features

PCS-Sim ™ for BRAUMAT ™ uses your existing BRAUMAT Process Control System and simulates your process variables (analog and digital I/O) to give you a real-as-can-be experience of your automated production process.
  • simulation joystick

    We have
    Successfully Simulated
    All Areas of the Brewing Process

    • Brewhouse
    • Fermentation
    • Yeast
    • Filtration

The Experience

Users will be able to visualize, operate and modify process graphics, experiment with the operation of sequences, edit on-line parameters, edit recipes, download parameterizations, visualize events and messages, and all other operational features that would be typically available during a real production scenario.


Levels, temperatures, pressures and flows will be simulated providing a near real-life experience to the user.


Changes carried out on the simulator (e.g. recipes, parameters, etc.) are permanent, same as they would be during a real production scenario.


PCS-Sim may be reset to its factory settings with minimal effort and/or configuration, which represents a major advantage over conventional simulated environments.


PCS-Sim grows with your plant.  As BRAUMAT software and processes change with time, PCS-Sim can be kept up-to-date with minimum maintenance.

Ready to go

Simple and straight-forward installation.  After installation, simulator is ready to go, with no need of complicated system configurations.