BRAUMAT SQL for MIS/MES Highlights


BRAUMAT SQL for MIS/MES provides your BRAUMAT solution with the ability to communicate data to third party systems (MIS/MES/ERP), and also produce customized reports.



Learn more about how BRAUMAT  SQL for MIS/MES connects your BRAUMAT Process Control System to your Enterprise IT Infrastructure.

BRAUMAT SQL for MIS-MES Highlights

While the BRAUMAT Process Control System provides effective means to consistently  drive your production, it will also record key events along the way, which is presented in the form of Standard Reports such as:  Step Protocols, Event Logs, Change Logs, Batch Trends and Continuous Trends.

Although these reports satisfy the core requirements of most breweries, BRAUMAT presents a great opportunity to organize this information into actionable reports, tailored to satisfy the specific requirements (i.e. SOP) of Supervisors, Managers and Quality Assurance Teams.

The following are examples of such custom features:

  • Snapshots

  • Silo Inventory

  • Silo Material Transfers

  • Truck Unloading

  • Equipment Availability

  • Cleaning (CIP)

  • Utilities Usage

  • Valve/Pump Maintenance

  • Batch Reports

  • Brewing

  • Fermenting

  • Yeast Pitching & Cropping

  • Filtration

  • Tracking & Tracing

  • Upstream Genealogy

  • Downstream Genealogy

  • Root Cause Analysis

See how our PCS-MES/EMI Solution can further help integrating BRAUMAT with SIMATIC IT or Enterprise Management Systems.