High-Performance Industrial PC
The SIMATIC IPC Series of Box PCs impresses by its high compactness and performance.
It is suitable for demanding measuring, open-loop and closed-loop control tasks at ambient temperatures of up to 55 °C (131 °F).
Distributed I/O
SIMATIC ET 200 systems are multifunctional, modular and precisely scalable systems for distributed automation.
Ideally placed in control cabinets near the pumps, valves and instruments controlling the process, these distributed I/O systems can be connected to the SIMATIC S7-400 controllers via only one PROFIBUS or PROFINET cable.

BRAUMAT Compact Features

Based on SIEMENS’ world-famous BRAUMAT Process Control System, combined with the automation technology of the SIMATIC® PCS 7 platform, BRAUMAT Compact is unique because it offers process control features that are offered to large breweries, at a fraction of the cost.

With a total cost that is comparable to single-loop controllers and PLC/HMI-based implementations, the system offers more capabilities for helping you increase efficiency, boost production, and eliminate variability than what is found in other types of systems.

Capabilities like scheduling, archiving, reporting, and trending functions come standard with the system, which also includes engineering software, the operator interface, controller, and I/O modules for connecting to your installed instruments, pumps, and valves.

  • BRAUMAT Compact features technologies that improves the brewery staff’s work environment, and makes their jobs easier, not harder.

  • Expands the flexibility of your process to help you create new recipes, modify existing recipes, and try new types of brews.

  • Eliminates the need for manual data collection through automatic collection and reporting of production data.

  • Centralized display and production planer provide an at-a-glance overview of the complete process flow.

  • BRAUMAT Compact features built-in Brewing Engineering Libraries, with predefined solutions for the craft brewing process in smaller breweries (brewing, fermentation cellars, filtration, etc.).

  • Production scheduler helps you easily manage your Production Order List and CIP orders.

  • Integrated, user-friendly system for monitoring, control, and planning is designed explicitly for the craft brewer.

  • BRAUMAT Compact features intuitive and easy-to-use displays which help you master and maintain your recipes.

  • Point-and-click configuration of recipes (parameters, steps, start/stop times, and conditions) saves time and streamlines the brewing process.

  • Modify or add individual recipes online without interrupting production.

  • Lab/Quality data can be entered manually or automatically assigned to the respective brew.

  • Generates batch reports automatically so that it no longer has to be done by pen and clipboard.

  • Display of production efficiency.

  • Tracking and tracing from grain to finished beer.

  • Electronic Brew Sheets are generated automatically from the data that is collected by the system.

  • Adjusts temperature automatically to precisely match the selected temperature profile during fermentation, thus increasing repeatability.

  • Minimizes energy usage for heating and cooling.

  • Optimizes the lautering and boiling process to reduce cost and improve production.

  • Automatically captures first and last wort concentrations for each brew and calculates total extract.

  • Helps identify problems so that you can correct it before it effects quality, yield, or energy use.

  • Avoids undesired temperature fluctuations during production.

  • Reduces cost – minimizes material and labor cost for wiring.

  • Distributed (remote) I/O – allows you to place the I/O modules wherever you want them in the brewery.

  • Small footprint – fits easily into the brewery‘s existing space.