Plant Floor and Management Level Integration
Fill in the gap which exists between your Control System
and your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.


On the most basic level, PCS-MES/EMI ™ opens the doors to allow your Process Control System to exchange data with third party systems, and provides you with basic reporting capabilities, such as:
  • Brewing Reports
  • Fermenting Reports
  • Filtration Reports
  • Cleaning (CIP) Reports
  • Fault Frequency Reports
  • Root Cause Tracking Reports
But PCS-MES/EMI ™ can do much more for you…
On the most advanced level, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) system will provide you with the ability to fill in the Technology Gap which exists between your Process Control System (and other systems in areas such as the Bottling Area or the Services Area) and your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
SMATIC IT Production Suite | Architecture Diagram
The Technology Gap
The Technology Gap manifests itself as:
  • A lack of overall Process Visibility from malt intake to bottles.
  • A lack of performance information on extract yields, equipment utilization and turnaround times.
  • Lack of accurate tracking of materials, product tracing and loss reporting.
  • Lack of accurate recording of utilities usage.
  • Manual recording and the use of standalone spreadsheets.
  • Manual entry of production and quality data into ERP system.
To close the Technology Gap one needs to:
  • …identify and quantify improvement potentials
    • Define Why it is Required → MES Planning & Scoping
  • …what Functionality is needed?
    • Define What is Required → User Requirement Specifications
  • …what System is need?
    • Defines How to Implement → Vendor Quotes

We partner with recognized leaders to help you select the right MES/EMI system to fulfill your specific needs by means of a vendor and product neutral consulting service. Experts with proven track records, provide you with practical consultancy, guidance and oversight on the benefits and pitfalls of MES/EMI implementations in the brewing industry.

Give us a call and let us take the first step to identify the benefits of PCS-MES/EMI for your Brewing Operations.