PLC Redundancy
Where required, SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT™
allows for the installation of redundant controllers,
for increased system availability.
Robust Industrial PC
SIMATIC IPC Series of industrial PC’s
offer a high-quality, industrial design:
  • Full-metal enclosure with high electromagnetic compatibility
  • High level of dust protection and low noise generation through fan-controlled overpressure ventilation
  • Continuous operation at ambient temperatures up to 40 °C (104 °F), at maximum configuration and without loss of power (throttling)
Advanced Engineering Toolset
Centralized and integrated engineering system
that offers all the tools required to configure
a complete process control system.
Highly Advanced Feature Set
...such as integrated Asset Management
to identify the diagnostic status of devices
and components, the relevance of the maintenance request, and the status of the maintenance measure.


SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT extends the standard functionality provided by the SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System, with additional standard libraries that have been specifically developed for Breweries.

Intrinsic to SIMATIC PCS 7 are its virtually unlimited possibilities for customizing every aspect of the Process Control System, including scheduling, archiving, reporting, trending, operator interface (HMI, faceplates), among others.

SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT features a powerful and rugged range of products for implementing integrated communication networks for fast and reliable data exchange between the system components in different levels of a plant.
SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT features a variety of options for reading and driving process signals via sensors and actuators as well as for connecting process I/O to the automation systems.
SIMATIC BATCH is designed for the execution of batch processes that require a rather strict adherence to validation according to 21 CFR Part 11:
  • Audit Trail (change log)
  • Free and system-aided versioning
  • Libraries with recipe operations and formulas
  • User administration with access protection and electronic signatures
SIMATIC Route Control System (RCS) extends the SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT process control system with a tool for the configuration, control, monitoring and diagnostics of material transport in pipeline networks or on conveyor belts. Thus SIMATIC PCS 7 is capable of automating not only production processes and associated warehouses but also the material transport linking both areas.
Continuing standardization, opening and networking of control systems has been going along with an increase in security risks for a process control plant. The potential dangers arising from destructive programs and access by unauthorized personnel range from network overloads or failures, theft of passwords and data, to unauthorized access to process automation. Beside material damages, specifically targeted sabotage can also have dangerous consequences for personnel and the environment.
SIMATIC IT is SIEMENS’ Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) which is based on consistent standardization of interfaces and structures compliant with ISA-95, and allows for the integration with commonly available ERP systems.
Administration and management of the process control system from a central location: The Management Console enables you to minimize administrative work for your SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT plant while having the current status of the installed hardware and software components readily available.
SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT features a central engineering system (SIMATIC Manager), offering all the tools required to configure a complete process control system from hardware configuration, communications through to application software.
Superb communication capability and integrated interfaces make the SIMATIC S7-400 process controller the ideal choice for automating your process. SIMATIC PCS 7 also allows for the use of redundant controllers for installations requiring a high level of availability.
SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) is a universal, vendor-independent tool for the configuration, parameterization, commissioning, diagnostics and servicing of intelligent field devices (sensors and actuators) and field components (remote I/Os, multiplexers, control room devices, compact controllers).
The operator system of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System allows user-friendly and secure process operation. Operators can monitor the process sequences using various views, and interact as necessary. The operator system architecture is extremely flexible, and can be adapted to different plant architectures and customer requirements.
Process values and messages, as well as batch data from SIMATIC BATCH, can be saved to the Process Historian on a time-driven or event-driven basis for long-term archiving.
The Maintenance Station integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 BRAUMAT features a complete status overview of all plant components and offers diagnostics, service and maintenance of the plant.