Instructions to Join a Meeting

To join a meeting, presentation or webcast hosted by BrauXp, please follow these simple steps:

Initiate TeamViewer QuickJoin by clicking on the following button.  There is no need to install additional software to participate in a meeting.


Start TeamViewer QuickJoin App


The following mobile options are available in for iOS and Android, and can be downloaded from the official Apple App Store or from Google Play:


TeamViewer App for Meetings (Google Play)


TeamViewer App for Meetings (App Store)
While TeamViewer QuickJoin initiates, the following page is shown.  The Meeting ID will be filled in automatically for you.  Depending on your browser, this may look slightly different.  Here is an example of how it looks when using Google Chrome:
After a few seconds, TeamViewer QuickJoin will ask you to enter a meeting password.  Please proceed to enter the password provided to you by the Meeting’s Organizer:
If the Meeting Organizer hasn’t started the meeting yet, then the following page will appear:
To join the conversation, please dial the Conference Call Number shown, followed by the conference PIN.
If you are dialing from outside the USA, you may choose to call another number that better suits your location, once the meeting has started (see next step).
Once the Meeting Organizer starts the meeting, you will be able to see the Organizer’s computer desktop.  Depending on the Organizer’s selection, you will be able to participate in the meeting via phone or voice over IP.  In addition, you can also participate via online chat.

If you are communicating via phone and you are not located in the USA, you may want to choose to dial into the meeting by using a different number that better suits your physical location:

You may leave the online meeting at any time, by just closing your browser window.