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With PCS-Train ℠, we provide the training for your operations, maintenance and process staff, to make the most effective use of your Process Control System (PCS).  Our specialized knowledge of the BRAUMAT Process Control System and ample experience in the automation of Beer Production Processes, make us the ideal partner to fulfill your training requirements.

Our Training Plans are designed to provide specific answers to unique challenges in brewing industry.
We understand your processes and speak your language.


Our courses use professional presentation techniques with state-of-the-art simulators, where each participant can practice independently every topic that is being taught.


Our simulators contain all necessary components of a Standard BRAUMAT System, with its STEP7 programming environment, the SIMATIC Manager. Participants follow the instructor’s real-life examples to develop the practical skills required to achieve the course’s objectives.


Whether you require a basic course for operation and troubleshooting, or a more advanced course for system administration and engineering, we will provide the training that best fits your specific requirements.


We teach in English, Spanish or German.